Tech Legal Partners

Capital Markets

Tech Legal Partners provides legal assistance with regard to corporate finance and capital raise transactions, in the form of equity and debt.

Tech Legal Partners provides legal assistance in the field of corporate finance transactions and capital raising processes (public and private, equity and debt). .

In particular, the Firm assists Italian and international clients with regard to traditional corporate finance transactions including:

  • issue of shares;
  • bond issuances (common bonds, convertible bonds, and bonds with warrants);
  • issue of financial instruments;
  • capital increases (either optioned or reserved to third parties);
  • purchase of treasury shares;
  • IPO transactions, including listings on the AIM Italia segment dedicated to SMEs;
  • offers and placements of shares on the secondary market;
  • takeover bids and exchange offers;
  • all the regulatory aspects relating to capital market transactions.

Our legal team prides itself on providing a cutting-edge legal service in the field of raising capital through security token offerings (STOs), digital security offerings (DSOs), Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), crowdfunding, and other alternative financial methods. Our New York legal team assists Italian and international clients – from blockchain startups to established companies willing to integrate blockchain technology into their existing business models – on every stage of launching STOs, DSOs, Crowdfunding campaigns and other alternative capital-raise methods to be compliant with the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) regulations and other US laws.