Tech Legal Partners


We assist entrepreneurs in the management of their assets and in planning the generational transition in the business, crucial to preserve the continuity and value of the company.


Asset management and business succession planning are complex processes and require a particular specialization in several areas of law, mainly tax, succession, corporate and insurance law. Tech Legal Partners professionals have developed a solid expertise in these areas, and can support you in defining and implementing the best solutions for your legal and tax needs.


The Firm provides clients with strategic legal advice in order to identify the solutions that best meet their protection needs of real estate and financial assets.

We provide advice and assistance in drafting the act establishing the trust, whatever its nature. We are, in fact, able to set up guarantee, purpose and family trusts, which include: trust for the generational transfer of assets and the company, inheritance trust and hereditary divisions, trust for the management of real estate, trust in cases of separation and divorce, trust for cohabiting, and trust for the protection of minors and weak persons.

Business Succession Planning

Business succession planning is a critical consideration for all owners of privately held companies. Tech Legal Partners attorneys provide a well-rounded suite of services that assist private business owners with the transition of their businesses to new ownership. With recognized experience in business law and estate planning, we develop plans for all types of transitions related to retirement, management changes, liquidity and other planned or unplanned events, including death and disability. We work with clients to maximize, preserve and protect the value of businesses through proactive preparation for the ultimate sale or generational transition.

Our team calls upon deeply rooted legal and financial skills to educate owners and executives about the most effective business succession planning strategies available. Our experience covers virtually every type of succession planning strategy including opportunities to identify strategic buyers as well as to implement generational transfers, Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), third-party sales, and third-party management buyouts. With thoughtful attention to the delicate nature of these scenarios, our attorneys are experienced guides for people navigating the — often difficult — decisions related to their business transitions.

Our services include, among others:

• Holding company structures, so as to involve third parties in ownership, thus reducing the negative consequences of a possible conflict between family members;

• Articles of association of the company drawn up also considering the issues related to the succession of the company (for example, by regulating preemptive rights, procedures for appointing governing bodies, dividend distribution policies, termination clauses, arbitration in the event of conflicts, etc.) and corporate governance;

• Negotiate and prepare purchase agreements for the transfer of ownership interests to certain shareholders, company managers, or other third parties upon death or retirement of other shareholders.