Tech Legal Partners

Business Internationalization

Tech Legal Partners provides legal assistance at all stages of business internationalization.


The internationalization of a company is a business choice that can open huge opportunities and ensure considerable growth to the company that knows how to implement it. At the same time, if it is not addressed with the necessary professionalism, internationalization risks consuming precious resources without bringing effective benefits. Our team is composed of professionals with high experience in the internationalization of companies. Tech Legal Partners provides legal assistance at all stages of business internationalization.


With offices in Milan and New York and dual qualified attorneys practicing law in Italy and US, Tech Legal Partners is ideally positioned to understand the needs of both Italian companies looking to establish themselves or expand in the U.S. and of U.S. companies interested in doing business in Italy. Our market differentiator and value add stems from our ability to offer legal assistance to U.S.-based clients operating in Italy as well as to Italian clients who need our assistance to navigate the U.S. legal and regulatory landscape.

We regularly assist Italian companies expanding their businesses overseas and Italian emerging growth companies aiming to raise capital in the US, as well as US funds investing in Italy. Our philosophy is that for those conducting business cross-borders, getting excellent legal service should be as easy as contacting one trusted professional. Our goal is to make Italy-US cross-border transactions and Italian companies’ expansion to the US market easier for our clients by providing a single, coordinated experience.


Tech Legal Partners also provides its customers with a wide and consolidated international network. Our team of “Business Internationalization” works directly or through the collaboration of a wide range of independent law and tax firms, selected among the best at the international level.

For the customer this translates into a single interlocutor, close to him, able to interpret exactly his needs and transfer them to the best partners, who also makes himself the guarantor of the quality of the result.


The main services offered by the Firm include:

  • establishment of a foreign office (company, branch or representative office);
  • extraordinary corporate transactions, joint ventures, acquisitions and mergers;
  • investment agreements and shareholders’ agreements;
  • business network contracts (Law 33/2009, Law 99/2009, Law 122/2010);
  • financing contracts;
  • licensing or technology transfer agreements;
  • leases of foreign offices;
  • legal assistance in obtaining licenses and authorizations;
  • registration of trademarks and patents on an international scale;
  • assistance in the protection of intellectual property rights;
  • legal and contractual assistance for the coordination or aggregation of industrial partners;
  • contractual and corporate consortia;
  • common purpose companies;
  • antitrust implications.


The main services offered by our Tax team include:

  • international tax and customs assistance;
  • tax structuring of foreign business investment in compliance with Italian and foreign legislation;
  • analysis of CFC (Controlled Foreign Companies) impact provisions;
  • transfer pricing;
  • analysis of VAT problems.