Tech Legal Partners is an international law and tax firm offering assistance in the main areas of business law. Our name describes our special expertise in the technology sector.

Law and Tax Firm

Tech Legal Partners is a law and tax firm formed by a group of professionals of recognized expertise in several areas of business law, with a common and shared objective: working together to provide clients with an excellent tax and legal service. With offices in Milan and New York, the firm operates directly
in both the Italian and American jurisdictions. A consolidated network of relationships established with independent law firms of other jurisdictions, moreover, allows us to support companies in any geographical area they intend to operate.



Tech Legal Partners is an international business law firm. Our name represents our special expertise in the Technology industry.

As all business sectors face the challenges of the digital revolution, today every company is a tech company. No sector or organization is immune from the digital phenomenon, which dictates its own pace and presence in the management agenda. The question is no longer when companies need to make digital a strategic priority but how to embrace it and turn it to competitive advantage.

We do think that the today emphasis on a technology-driven digital revolution in no way diminishes the importance of our contribution as attorneys. Indeed, the truth is quite the opposite. It is more important than ever to acquire the right skills and place them strategically to support transformation programs. Technology companies need lawyers who are comfortable with and knowledgeable about technology, and a combination of legal and technology backgrounds is necessary to provide excellent legal representation in the technology space.

At Tech Legal Partners, we are determined to support the innovation brought by the digital era by providing our clients with unrivaled expertise in the Technology industry.

Help businesses grow and conquer international markets

Why not dream big? At Tech Legal Partners, we took this question to heart. We help our clients to dream big every day and overcome challenges to grow their business and conquer international markets.

Our philosophy is that for those conducting business cross-border, getting excellent legal service should be as easy as contacting one trusted professional. With offices in New York City and Milan and dual qualified lawyers licensed to practice law in Italy and the U.S., Tech Legal Partners supports European companies in their business internationalization efforts. Our goal is to make Europe-US cross-border transactions and European companies’ expansion to the US market easier for our clients by providing a single, coordinated experience.

Serve our clients as a full-service business law firm

Tech Legal Partners is a “boutique full-service” business law firm. Our goal is to combine the benefits of a boutique firm with the advantages of a full-service structure. We serve a wide range of clients — from investment funds, market leaders and mid-market businesses to start-up and emerging growth companies — and provide a vast array of services in the area of business law.

Give access to the innovation economy

At Tech Legal Partners, we serve our clients as a hub for connecting businesses and industry experts. Our mission is to facilitate business growth by connecting startup and emerging growth companies with a selected network of national and international financial sponsors, financial advisors, incubators, private investors and investment funds (private equity and venture capital). The Firm’s select business network enables us to provide our clients with the insights and introductions that can accelerate the maturation of their businesses, nationally and internationally.

Our values 

Our core values guide the way in which we interact with our clients and each other. They are the standard to which we are accountable in all situations.

We value INTEGRITY in all aspects of our work and our lives and are dedicated to maintaining the highest moral standards in our decisions, actions and communications.

We value INNOVATION and continually challenge ourselves to learn and grow. We welcome ideas and pursue changes that will enhance our Firm and the service we provide to our clients.

We value TEAMWORK AND COLLABORATION and believe the synergy of our combined individual contributions will elevate the success we achieve for our clients and our Firm.

We value COMMUNICATION and understand it is of paramount importance to our success as a Firm. We are committed to timely, responsive, honest and respectful communication with our clients and with each other.

We value RESPONSIBILITY to our clients by managing budgets, reducing extraneous costs, adding value and meeting their needs completely. We value RESPONSIBILITY to each other to reduce unnecessary costs, work expeditiously and productively, and at all times uphold the image of the Firm.

We value the PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE and believe that in striving for excellence we will not only find success as a Firm, but fulfillment as individuals.

Our vision


We endeavor to build our Firm’s reputation by satisfying each of our clients’ needs — one client, and one successful outcome, at a time. We will continue to expand are practices and offices around the world in order to help our clients succeed wherever they want to grow their businesses. We will work to continually meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. As we look toward the future, we will ensure we always deliver expert legal services while maintaining reasonable fees.