Tech Legal Partners


Tech Legal Partners is a boutique law firm highly specialized in the technology sector.



Tech Legal Partners provides legal and tax advice for national and multinational companies operating in many industries,
with a high specialization in the technology sector.


Our clients range from start-ups to top-tier technology companies in complex, cross-border transactions involving licensing, R&D, joint development, manufacturing or other technology related services. Our Technology Transactions legal team has extensive experience in a wide range of industries such as:

  • Fintech;
  • Insurtech;
  • E-commerce;
  • Education Technology;
  • Information Technology (Technology Software & Services, Technology Hardware & Equipment, Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers);
  • PropTech;
  • AgriTech;
  • Hospitality Tech;
  • Manufacturing Technology;
  • Fashion Tech;
  • Life Science Technology;
  • Digital Trasformation;
  • Blockchain and Crypto Assets;
  • ArtTech;
  • Smart Cities.

Our legal team prides itself on providing a cutting-edge legal service in the blockchain sector. Our international network includes recognized experts in the blockchain and crypto industries. For more information on our cutting-edge legal service in the field of raising capital through Security Token Offerings (STOs), Digital Security Offerings (DSOs), and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), please visit our Capital Markets page.

Expertise and experience

Our legal counsel reflects our expertise in the technology industry. We strongly believe that a combination of legal and technology backgrounds is necessary to provide excellent legal representation in the technology space. Technology companies need lawyers who are comfortable with and knowledgeable about technology. Our attorneys of the “Technology Transactions” team earned a technology background to bridge the common knowledge gap between technology clients and attorneys who periodically engage in strategic technology transactions.

We represent clients on both sides of the table, including buyers, sellers, licensors, licensees, developers, and investors. Whether the transaction or issue is complex or routine, we work side by side with our clients at each step of the process. We proactively identify problems and develop creative solutions that help our clients move their companies forward and achieve their business goals.